Ps. 71:6           took me out of my mother's bowels
Ps.  139:13      took me out of my mother's bowels
Isa.  49:1         thou camest forth out of the womb
Jer.   1:5          thou comest forth out of the womb
Luke  1:15      even from his mother's womb
Gal.    1:15      who separated me from my mother's womb

Ex.  20:14        Thou shall not commit adultery
Deut. 22:22      man be found lying with a women married
Matt. 5:27        Shalt not commit adultery
1 Cor. 6:9         nor adulterers

Ex. 30:14          from twenty years and above
Lev. 27:2           of the male from twenty years
Num. 1:3           From twenty years old and upward
Num. 14:29       from twenty years old and upwards
Num.  26:2        from twenty years old and upwards
Num.  32:11      from twenty years old and upwards
1Chron. 23:24  from twenty years old and upwards
Ezra.  3:8          from twenty years old and upwards

Lev.   10:9          Do not drink wine nor strong drink
Num.  6:2           separate himself from wine and strong drink
Deut.  14:26       or for wine, or for strong drink
Judg.  13:4         drink not wine nor strong drink
Prov.   20:1        Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging
Ess.     9:7          drink thy wine with a merry heart
Eph.   5:18         and be not drink with wine
1Tim.  5:23        use a little wine for thy stomach sake

Dan.  7:19          the fourth beast
Dan.  8:9            a little horn
Dan.  11:21        shall stand up a vile person
2Thess. 2:3        that man of sin be revealed
Rev.  13:4          gave power unto the beast

Acts  20:29        after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in
2Thess. 2:2        there come a falling away first
2Tim.  4:3          they will not endure sound doctrine
2Pet.  2:1           denying the Master that bought them

Matt.  10:2        the twelve apostles are these
Acts    1:21        men which have companied
1Cor.   9:1         Am I not an apostle
1Cor    12:12     Truly a signs of an apostle

ATONEMENT - See "Day of"

Num.  25:3        And Israel joined himself unto Baalpeor
Deut.   4:3         seen what Yahweh did before because of Baalpeor
Jer.   23:27        their fathers have forgot my name for Baal
Hos.   2:16         and shall call me no more Baali

The Father

  The Father We affirm that the Heavenly Father’s Name is Yahweh, Psalm 68:4; Isaiah 42:8; Jeremiah 16:21. Yahweh is His Name forever, and i...